Vision Mission and Values Riverview Rest Home

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Mission is to provide quality Christian residential care and services for aged and disabled people.


Our Vision is for 'Excellence in Christian Care'


Our Values are the beliefs that guide our conduct and activities, we strive for these to be deeply ingrained and widely shared by our board, our management and our staff, a way of life at Riverview.


CARE  Our Staff, Our Residents, Our Families; Caring is the Heart of our existence
RESPECT  We value individual worth treating all with dignity and respect
KINDNESS  In the way we speak and interact
COMPASSION  We are sympathetic to the circumstances and viewpoints of others
QUALITY  Choosing the best people, employing the best practices, and always challenging ourselves to improve
LOVE  We show love for one another as God has loved us
PATIENCE  We accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious
INTEGRITY  We uphold honesty and strong moral principals